All of our flights are custom-planned to meet your needs.  We charge by time, so we can make it as long or as short as you like, starting with our minimum flight time of 30 minutes.  We understand that budget can be an issue, so we’ll work with you to get the most out of your flight as efficiently as possible. 

These sample itineraries will give you a preliminary idea of how much time to plan for. 

We charge a flat fee of $200 per person per hour (based on a two person minimum, three person maximum). Portions of an hour are pro-rated by the minute
; you pay only for the time you fly!  We provide the most economic airplane ride you are likely to find anywhere, and our tours are far less expensive than helicopter rides.

Example: a 30-minute flight for two people, will cost you only $100 each

Contact us and we will work out the details with you. 


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Choose from one of these flight options or create your own.


All flights depart from the Boulder Municipal Airport, just 10 minutes from downtown Boulder.

Indian Peaks

You see the Indian Peaks all the time from Boulder, but have you seen the west side?

Real Estate

Whether you're a buyer, seller, or real estate agent, show off or find your dream property.

Denver Lights

Take a relaxing, beautiful evening flight over downtown Denver and the surrounding area.


A short flight is an excellent way to scout out the backcountry for hiking/backpacking, skiing and climbing.

Boulder City

See Boulder from above. A great way to entertain visiting parents and friends.

Pro Photography

Our aircraft can safely be flown with the doors removed for unobstructed aerial photography.

Create Your Own

Let us help you figure out exactly how to get the views and aerial perspective you are looking for.

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